Tenrikyo came into existence on 26 October 1838, when God the Parent, Tenri-O-no-Mikoto, became openly revealed through Oyasama, Miki Nakayama, to save all people in the world.

God the Parent created humankind and the world in order to see us lead the Joyous Life and thus share in that joy. Therefore, the living of the Joyous Life is the ultimate purpose of our existence.

God the Parent not merely created us but also has nurtured and protected us ever since with the complete and perfect providence.Since God the Parent is our Parent, we are all God's children and all brothers and sisters.

It is Oyasama who taught the teachings and demonstrated us the model life we should follow. She withdrew from Her physical life on 26 January 1887 yet Her souls still remains at the Jiba of Origin and watch over us with Her Parental Love now as ever.

As the fundamental means of universal salvation, Oyasama taught us the Service and the Sazuke. The Kagura Service is the most important rite in the teachings of Tenrikyo and it is conducted at the Jiba of Origin surrounding the Kanrodai on the 26th every month.

God the Parent taught us the Truth of Origin that reveals the origin of all. We are taught that our bodies are borrowed from God the Parent and that our minds alone are ours. It is important to use our mind properly in accordance with God's intention so that we lead the Joyous Life.Through the metaphor of dust, God the Parent teaches us about the misuse of the mind. We are expected to sweep away dusts of the mind.

As a simple and daily practice of faith, we are taught Hinokishin, or selfless and thankful action. Hinokishin is spontaneous actions based on our gratitude for God the Parent's profound blessings.

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Tenrikyo in the UK

The first Tenrikyo missionary activities in the UK commenced in 1910 when three missionaries from Osaka, Japan arrived in London. They stayed in Ealing and strove to spread the teachings of Tenrikyo.

In the late 1970s a new movement of mission started and since then a number of missionaries and followers have been engaging and developing various activities to convey the teachings of Oyasama.

Tenrikyo UK Centre was officially opened in Wembley, London in May 2000 as a UK wing of the Overseas Department, Tenrikyo Church Headquarters. The Centre was relocated in Hendon in June 2006.

Tenrikyo UK Centre

The aim of the Tenrikyo UK Centre is to provide opportunities for followers living in the UK to learn teachings and practice the faith through various activities including the monthly service, lectures, seminars and other events, thereby enabling them to attain spiritual growth together.

At the same time, the Centre aims conveying the teachings of Oyasama as many people in the UK who have never heard of them as possible so that all of us will proceed toward the realisation of the Joyous Life God desires.

Tenrikyo UK Limited

Tenrikyo UK Centre is a registered charity in England and Wales under the name of "Tenrikyo UK".
The registered number is 1084579.

"Tenrikyo UK Centre The First Ten Years"

"Tenrikyo UK Centre The First Ten Years" was published in commemoration of the Centre's 10th Anniversary in June 2010. This publication contains not only a brief history, events and activities of Tenrikyo UK Centre since its establishment in 2000 but also a Tenrikyo brief history in the UK between 1910 and 1999.

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